What is Play?  What is Play Consultancy?

I am a lifelong play practitioner, and I have a Master's Degree in Play from Lesley University.   

I still don't know what it is.  Isn't that great? 

Utilizing my various skills and connections play consultancy is used to help groups, clubs, and organizations create, innovate, communicate and connect with one another.  

It could include:

  • using improv theater games to give life to the weird and wonderful ideas that sometimes change the world
  • teambuilding on the flying trapeze
  • ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life
  • brainstorming ideas for using humor in the office to create an enjoyable work environment
  • learning how to fail and take risks in a safe environment, so that you can grow
  • discovering ways to make play opportunities more inclusive and accessible to all

Play transforms.  If transformation is what you are looking for, let's talk!