"Wendy brings joy and laughter into training! And by doing so, helps you see movement as a way to love and listen to your body. I loved how every class was something new and fun. I felt more like myself again because not only was my body getting energized, but my spirit was too. She listens to who you are, and builds workouts around what fits your body and your personality. Don't miss out!"                                                                          - Becca Chapman (clown, performer, teacher)

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) who is passionate about movement.  I draw from a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to:  martial arts, gymnastics, weightlifting, climbing, dancing and circus.Please use the Contact Me button if you are interested in personal or small-group training or to inquire about workshops. I love to travel and I am looking forward to it again! I am also available throughout multiple time zones for online sessions.

I have studied movement modalities with a number of instructors and I hold a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and began my training at Fenix BJJ (MA).  I love working with people at all levels of fitness and ability, who are motivated to be a little better each day. Living and moving through life with a chronic illness has made me especially interested in working with others navigating both visible and invisible challenges.

Empowerment is the key to our sessions. 

I'm also all about aging gracefully and staying in engaged with the world as we do. 

"Wendy was able to meet my needs despite me having complicated injuries and limitations as well as being full time at home mom/CEO. Her workouts are not boring, I can pick based on what I have time for or what I want to work on and I don't have to take time and energy to adapt to my physical limitations. She even gave me 5 minute workouts I can do in stolen time like cooking dinner or waiting for my daughter to finish a task. She took so much of the emotional and psychological labor of trying to put a routine together when I never know how much time I have to work out and constantly have to adapt other workouts."
- Carly Dwyer Naik, She/Her, 39

*Transcript link available